My name is Jennifer and I'm a journalist. I've created this blog to allow people to see what I get up to day to day .. and to allow me to have the occasional moan ...

Winter …

Why on earth do people - and I’m talking about British people, as it’s all we seem to talk about - moan about the weather? It’s winter. It’s meant to be cold. If it wasn’t cold, it wouldn’t be winter. We have the exact same seasons every year - you know the drill: first it’s spring with the little lambs, then comes summer where the kids are off school and the entry prices to absolutely everywhere increase by 50 per cent, then it’s autumn when all the leaves decide to fall off the trees and mess up the garden … then, oh yes, the dreaded winter. It’s cold, it occasionally decides to snow - but, let’s be honest, we don’t get proper snow in Britain. Go to Sweden or Austria where they get proper snow, and they know how to deal with it. We, in Britain, cannot deal with snow. The tiniest flutter of a snowflake and we bolt the doors, cancel all the trains, planes and anything that moves and refuse to leave the house until the first daffodil sprouts its little yellow head.

So, how can we combat the winter blues? Pop pills? Take a duvet day? Stay in watching Jeremy Kyle? No. Nobody should put themselves through that - J Kyle, I mean. Get out of the house. Stop your moaning. Get on with your life. Because, before you know it, summer will be here and we will be moaning it’s too hot. Until then …

Happy new year!

Ok, slightly belated, but Happy new year!
Let’s hope 2012 brings as much fun and excitement as 2012!
Keep in touch. Jx

Interviews in 2011 …

I have had an exciting year, interviewing some really interesting people for articles. Some that stick in my mind …

Marco Pierre White
Denise Van Outen
Ben Shephard
Adee Phelan
Markus Lupfer
Aldo Zilli
Atul Kochhar
Sue Devitt
Leighton Denny

Traveled to Dubai with the Dubai Tourism Board UK, press trip.

Interviewed Marco Pierre White in his brand new restaurant at The Cube, Birmingham

Interviewed Marco Pierre White in his brand new restaurant at The Cube, Birmingham

Went to Naples on a press trip with Rossopomodoro. Sampled lots of pizza, pasta and delicious seafood.

Met Dean Gaffney, Simon Webbe, Peter Stringfellow and Lucien Laviscount at Adee Phelan’s launch party in Birmingham

Welcome to JenTheJourno!

Right, I have just discovered tumblr. so I am going to try to write a synopsis of my last year in a few posts … here goes …